CGCR Forms

Name Description Size Type Download
T-1 Payment of Receipt 32 KB PDF
T-1A Challan 26 KB PDF
T-2 Challan 27 KB PDF
T-2-A Monthly Return 36 KB PDF
T-3 Detain of Goods 31 KB PDF
T-4 Security bond to be furnished by the owner of the Goods/Driver or other person-in-charge of the goods vehicle or cart or animal/vessel. 50 KB PDF
T-5 Personal/Surety Bond 93 KB PDF
T-6 Register of Application for refund 20 KB PDF
T-7 Refund Voucher 41 KB PDF
T-8 Refund Adjustment Order 28 KB PDF
T-9 Daily Collection Register 18 KB PDF
T-10 Register in Form 15 KB PDF
T-11 Application for Registration 34 KB PDF
T-12 Certificate of Registration 20 KB PDF
T-13 Notice of Scrutiny of Returns and Assessment etc. 35 KB PDF
T-14 Tax Demand Notice 24 KB PDF