PGT Forms

Name Description Size Type Download
PGT-1 Application for Registration 8.7 MB PDF
PGT-2 Certificate of Registration 159 KB PDF
PGT-5 Goods Receipt 3.1 MB PDF
PGT-7 Account of Stamps 3.5 MB PDF
PGT-10 Notice 4.9 MB PDF
PGT-11 Notice of Demand 5.1 MB PDF
PGT-12 Notice of Re-assessment 5.7 MB PDF
PGT-13 Register of Refunds and Renewal 5.9 MB PDF
PGT-14 Refund Statement 6.1 MB PDF
PGT-15 Refund Statement 6.2 MB PDF
PGT-16 Renewal Statement 6.4 MB PDF
PGT-17 PGT-17 6.5 MB PDF
PGT-18 Penalty Receipt 6.5 MB PDF
PGT-19 Register of Penalty Receipts 6.6 MB PDF
PGT-20 Register of Penalty Receipts 1.8 MB PDF
PGT-21 Passengers and Goods Tax Collection Receipt 7.1 MB PDF